April Announcement

I would be honored to have your support in the upcoming Bencher election. Je serais honoré d’avoir votre soutien à la prochaine élection de conseiller. My platform includes:
LSO to Regulate Firms – The Law Society needs to deal with systemic and individual discrimination in our profession. The ability of the Law Society to regulate law firms as well as lawyers, will have an important impact on issues faced by female and racialized lawyers as well as the LGBTQ community. Regulation of law firms will provide the Law Society with an important tool in this area.
Access to Justice – Let’s put the “aid” back in legal aid – we need more government funding, full stop. It is in the interest of the profession and society at large to have a properly funded legal aid system.
Support for Small Law Firms and Sole Practitioners – The LSO needs to develop a wider range of programs and practice aids for sole practitioners and smaller firms. This need has been magnified recently by the inability of law school graduates to find articling positions, and newly called lawyers to find positions with experienced practitioners.
As a profession, we face numerous challenges, some historical, but many having emerged more recently. Our Law Society’s role in meeting these challenges is to govern in a way that both meets its public interest mandate and ensures that we have a viable profession going forward.

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