Barbara Hendrickson founded the Toronto Business Lawyers Association in 2016 as a means for business lawyers in smaller firms in the Greater Toronto Area to get together for referral purposes as well as to exchange ideas and experiences relevant to their practices.

The Toronto Business Lawyers Association (TBLA) is a group of business lawyers in the Greater Toronto Area who meet regularly for professional development and business referral purposes. If you are a business lawyer and practice in a small or mid-sized law firm, you are welcome to join us for our monthly networking events.

The monthly events provide an opportunity to for lawyers in small and mid-size firms to meet other lawyers for networking purposes and to share experiences. The monthly events often feature speakers in areas of interest to its members such as marketing, privacy, accounting, referral arrangements and other relevant areas.

The TBLA is sponsored by BAX Securities Law and grew out of the desire of Barbara Hendrickson, BAX’ founder and managing partner, to develop a network of lawyers who share BAX’ commitment to providing high quality legal services in a small and mid-sized firm structure.

Initially the monthly meeting were held in person but currently they are being held on Zoom. Please join us for the TBLA monthly Zoom meetings by emailing Barbara at the email address below.

You can find out more about the Toronto Business Lawyers Association by emailing Barbara at or calling her at 416.601.1004 / 647.403.4606.